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Legal Requirements for Destination Weddings to Santorini


The following documents are required to perform a legal Civil Wedding in Santorini (or elsewhere in Greece):

Birth Certificates
A "Single Status" letter for each one accompanied with an authenticated translation in Greek. "Single Status" is a document issued from your country's consulate and insures that there is no problem to get married.
Apostle stamp
Photocopies of passports (no translation required)
If divorced, then the divorce certificate is required (no translation required)

All the above documents (except the passports) are to be translated into Greek and authenticated by your local Greek Embassy or Consulate. If you have problems or want to avoid the hassle, you can send us the authenticated documents and we will take care of the translations.

All the documents should be sent to our representatives by fax, 3 weeks prior to date of wedding. In return we will send you a confirmation issued by the Municipality verifying that all the documents are in order.

We also organize religious weddings (Catholic and Orthodox). Please contact us and we will be happy to inform you of the necessary procedures and documents.

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Please note:  The information provided above is to be used only as a guide.  We advise in all cases that you contact the relevant official government offices of the destination at which you choose to marry, for up to date legal requirements, before booking your wedding.  

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