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Czech Republic - The City of Prague

Why not to celebrate your happiness among the ring of mountains protects the country of spa towns, sandstone rocks, old castles, karats caves, idyllic villages, silver fishponds and foremost, of kind people with golden hearts living in the very heart of Europe. Why not to have your wedding in the CZECH REPUBLIC? 

Your Bohemian Experience? Welcome back to the 14th century - the peak in the prestige and power of the kingdom of BOHEMIA. In these days you still can feel the spirit of the reign of Charles IV. Enjoy the glimpse of Old Europe – untouched by time, untouched by all the great and terrible wars of this century & sealed off from the modern World for almost the last fifty years. Admire more castles and Renaissance churches per sq. meter than anywhere in Europe..

Welcome to PRAGUE – historic heart of Bohemia, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, so rich with its culture. Enter the “city of 100 spires,” with it’s compact medieval center, web of cobbled lanes, ancient courtyards, dark passages and excellent examples of Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque and Art Noveau architecture. Prague is more than old churches, mysterious buildings along the narrow streets, dark corners and cozy bars and beautiful gardens… Above is the city’s atmosphere that makes it different from other cities. Prague has enough magic in each step for everyone… Walk through the Old Town Square, stop for a while on the Charles Bridge and dream while the sun sets beyond the Lesser Town, enjoy the pearls of champagne and listen to Vltava… A walk through Prague is like reliving the history of Europe. Groom, take your bride over the bridges covered with the mystery of a glorious past. Enter the most beautiful and exciting cities in the world as into memories, into dreams where time stands still. Its charm results from the work of both, nature and man over the period of more than thousand years.

Prague is breathtakingly beautiful at any time of day or night. 
In any season, Prague remains magic…

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