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Legal Requirements for Destination Weddings to Mauritius


The documentation outlined below will be required for a civil wedding in Mauritius.  Copies of these documents will have to be forwarded to our representatives office at least 6 weeks prior arrival of the couple in Mauritius:

- Passport copies of the couple (pages containing passport number, photo, issue/expiry dates).

- Birth certificates of the couple.

- If divorced: the former marriage certificate and divorce certificate of the couple.

- If the couple has changed their name by deed poll: proof is required.

-If the couple is under 18 years of age on the date of the marriage:

  an affidavit, granting permission for the wedding to take place, is required.

- If the couple has been adopted: an adoption paper needs to be produced.

  Any relevant documentation which is in any language other than English or French must be officially translated and be accompanied by the original. Original copies must be taken with passengers to Mauritius.

  It will be necessary for the couple to complete legal formalities in Port Louis prior their wedding ceremony and this will take at least half a day to fulfil the necessary formalities.  When they arrive in at the hotel, our representative will advise them of the date and time they will be picked up for the formalities.  They will be driven to Port Louis to proceed with all the legal formalities.  They will also have to stop at the civil status office of their hotel/villa locality to do the publication of bans and to discuss the wedding time with the civil status officer.

Conditions - applicable for all divorced women or widows: wedding can only be celebrated 300 days after divorce decree/from the date of death certificate of spouse or else should be holder of a medical certificate stating no pregnancy. This medical certificate must be issued in Mauritius.


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Please note:  The information provided above is to be used only as a guide.  We advise in all cases that you contact the relevant official government offices of the destination at which you choose to marry, for up to date legal requirements, before booking your wedding.  

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