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Legal and Symbolic Ceremonies

Civil Marriage

Civil wedding at the Town Hall requires some formalities and a minimum of four weeks to complete the necessary documentation and to reserve the wedding date and location.

Both parties must provide:

  • Birth certificate, issued less than three months before the wedding date.
  • Medical certificate dated less than two months before the wedding date. The Consulate of France in your city will provide with a list of doctors who can issue it.
  • Identity card or passport.
  • Affidavit.
  • Certificate of celibacy or divorce/widow.

All documents must be the originals with official translation into French.

WEDDINGSABROAD.COM  can assist you in this process and help you make your dream come true: a civil marriage on the French Riviera.

WEDDINGSABROAD.COM proposes beautiful towns in which to celebrate your marriage. We are representatives of the "Côte d'Azur" region and offer you a romantic and picturesque setting for that special day.

French Consulates provide all information concerning formalities.


Religious Marriage

The religious marriage has moral value and significance but no civil or legal implications. In Monaco and France, a religious ceremony is possible only after the civil marriage. Some documentation is required and there is a short waiting period of 15 days. Included in the services provided by WEDDINGSABROAD.COM is the timely and efficient processing of all required documentation. For a religious ceremony, WEDDINGSABROAD.COM  takes care of every detail, including the following services: flower arrangement, music, church coordinator, and parking for guests.

France offers beautiful churches, chapels, temples and synagogues to celebrate such a meaningful event.
The churches celebrate the marriage for their faithful but cannot propose liturgical ceremonies to to those of different faiths.

Synagogues in France and in Monte-Carlo with some of the most beautiful gardens in all of the Côte d'Azur provide perfect setting for the celebration of a Jewish marriage.


For further information on legal marriage in France please contact our offices

Alternatively you may wish to consider a symbolic ceremony, although this has no legal value it is ideally suited for those couples who wish to exchange vows, renew vows or celebrate their union avoiding the formalities.  The perfect event for couples who dream of a romantic and glamorous "Wedding" in France or a wedding anniversary.


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