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Legal and Symbolic Ceremonies

Frequently Asked Questions

1.- How to get married in France?

* The civil marriage requires some formal procedures. French Consulates inform about the necessary requirements.

2.- Where is the civil marriage celebrated?

* It is always celebrated at the Town Hall.

3.- Who can celebrate the marriage in a church?

* To celebrate the religious marriage, a civil marriage -whether in France or in any other country - is required before the church wedding.

4.- How to choose a church?

* The churches, temples and synagogues celebrate the marriage for their faithful. They do not propose liturgical ceremonies to people who are not baptized according to their faith.

5.- Where is a religious marriage celebrated?

* It is always celebrated in a church in a temple or in a synagogue. Some rabbis accept to celebrate it outside the synagogue, but other ministers are not allowed to.

6.- What is the legal value of the marriage in France?

* The civil marriage legalizes the couple's union. It is officially recognized in most countries. The religious marriage has only spiritual value.

7.- The couples wishing a "wedding confirmation" : which ceremony is available?

* A FANTASY WEDDING (SYMBOLIC CEREMONY), symbolizing the values of the marriage. A romantic ceremony according to European traditions, without legal or religious effects.

8.- Where does a FANTASY WEDDING take place?

* Several beautiful sites offer the perfect setting for this celebration, according to the couple's dreams. Sites are privately- managed and the event has a private character.

9.- Which documents are required to celebrate a FANTASY WEDDING?

* We do not require any documents or any residency requirements for this celebration:

10.- Which kind of music is played during the ceremony?

* Classic wedding music is played (recorded or live music). Couples can ask for their special preferences, if they wish.


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