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Bahamas Legal Requirements

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The Bahamian government currently requires a 24 hour residency period before a couple can apply for a marriage license. If you would like to be married on a Saturday or Sunday, you should arrive in The Bahamas no later than Thursday.

If you are planning to visit The Bahamas by cruise ship, the only ship in The Bahamas long enough to satisfy the 24 hour residency requirement is Carnivalís M/S Fantasy which leaves Florida on Sundays and arrives in Nassau on Tuesdays. 

Negotiations are currently underway to see whether the residency requirements can be altered to accommodate passengers from other ships. Please check this site for updates.


Required Documents


Valid passport (stamped by Bahamas Immigration to show date of entry into country) 


Valid driverís license (with photo) plus certified copy of your birth certificate plus stamped card from Bahamas Immigration (you receive this when you enter The Bahamas)

If divorced, certified copy (with raised court seal) of the original divorce decree

If widowed, death certificate of spouse

Translations and certifications of documents, if necessary

If under 21 years of age, Affidavit of Parentsí Consent

No blood tests required

If you are traveling on the M/S Fantasy that leaves Florida on Sundays, you must also present the following:

Letter  from the Captainís or Purserís office (on original Carnival letterhead, not photocopied) detailing the date and time that the ship entered Bahamian waters and indicating that bride and groom are passengers on that vessel. This letter must be signed by either the Captain or the Purser ONLY.


Other Information

English is the official language of The Bahamas

US$ is accepted nationwide at par with B$

There is a $15 Bahamas Government Departure Tax that must be paid when leaving the country. Cash and travelers cheques are the only accepted forms of payment.


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