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Austria - Legal Requirements

Only civil marriage is legal for your wedding in Austria, although you may follow this with a religious ceremony.  Civil marriages are performed at the Registrarís Office (Standesamt).  You can apply in person or by mail.

Youíll need to submit the following documents to the Registrarís Office (Standesamt).

Documents needed:

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate of parents
  • Proof of citizenship
  • Proof of residence
  • Certificate of single status or, if previously married, the marriage certificate of previous marriage and the final divorce decree or death certificate of spouse.

All documents are to be in German, or be accompanied by a certified German translation.

If either party is an Austrian citizen or resides in Austria (regardless of citizenship), the application for marriage must be lodged at the Standesamt in the locality of residence. If both parties to the marriage are non-Austrians and non-residents, the application should be lodged at the Standesamt in Vienna:

  • Standesamt Wien-Innere Stadt
    Schlesingerplatz 4
    1082 Vienna, Austria

Information on specific requirements can be obtained from Standesamt.

Foreign nationals who do not reside in Austria may choose to marry anywhere in Austria. Other Registrarís Offices in Austria can perform the marriage ceremony upon arrangement. 

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