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Why (go abroad), Where (to go), How (to plan it) and Who (to invite)!


If you’re looking for a romantic dream wedding without the headaches and the hassles, a wedding away from home may just be the answer to your prayers.  Getting married in a, far-flung destination has literally ‘taken off’ in popularity throughout the nineties, and is destined to be one of the major travel and marrying trends of the new millennium.

Getting married abroad is also usually a great deal less expensive than having a big wedding at home, and lots of couples prefer to take their vows alone, or with a few close friends. Your destination wedding can be as lavish as a ceremony in a Castle with family and friends or it can be as simple as just the two of you exchanging vows on a quiet beach on some enchanted island. We have planned intimate destination weddings for just two, and elaborate weddings abroad for more than two hundred

Many of our destination weddings allow us to prepare all legal documents and special arrangements prior to your arrival so that when you get there, all you do is enjoy the moment. Talk about a hassle free wedding!.


Due to the popularity of Weddings Abroad the number of places where you can be married  has also grown, check out our Destination Directory for full details

Select your location the same way you would your honeymoon spot (especially because it's probably going to BE your honeymoon spot!). Do as much research on your chosen destination as possible, contact the tourist board for the country you're thinking about; they're always great sources of information. Also consult travel agents and travel brochures to see what's right for you. Definitely ask what the weather is typically like around the time you want your wedding to happen!

 In addition, for those who have family around the globe, selecting your location to have your wedding, which is easier for all members to get to, is very tempting. Itineraries can be scheduled so that you may enjoy travelling and sight seeing together before enjoying your honeymoon in your favourite destination. Both sides of the family can come together in an environment that is both appealing and neutral. Perhaps your destination may be a place where neither of you have visited before and have always wanted to. The choice is endless.


Whether you choose a secluded cove in the Bahamas, a church in the Vatican City, a rainforest setting in Cairns, a sky-diving wedding in Las Vegas or a bungee jumping wedding in New Zealand, there are certain legal requirements that you must fulfill in order to make your marriage a binding one.
A marriage performed abroad that's valid under the laws of that country is generally accepted as legal.  Valid is the operative word here, so make sure you know what the guidelines are. Please refer to our Legal Requirements section for basic information - in all cases we advise to contact the consulate especially those based in the country in which you are marrying for the latest information on the rules and regulations. There are sometimes residency requirements in foreign countries; you have to live there (or at least be in the country) for a certain amount of time before you're allowed to marry - please bear this in mind whilst planning your wedding.


Guests love the fact that they have a perfect excuse to take a mini holiday to attend your wedding.

Make sure to check with the people you'd want to invite to the wedding before you start making plans, to see if the majority would be able to make the trip -- you're not responsible for their travel or accommodations expenses, so it can be a pricey trip. (Make sure to remind them it's a holiday opportunity for them, as well as a wedding!) Send invitations to everyone you'd want there on your wedding day -- many may not be able to make it, but they'll appreciate the invite (and they may surprise you and come!). Also make sure guests have passports and all the customs info they'll need to travel to your destination wedding. Give them favors that will remind them of your locale -- a boomerang, cookbooks of native food, or crafts from local artisans..

Then wave them off for their journey home and start your honeymoon!!

Article by Karen Thornton-Brown

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